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Data Governance Framework

5 Safes Governance

We have implemented the 5 Safes Governance Framework for our Axiomedix Healthdata Marketplace.  The 5 Safes Governance Framework is a widely adopted method for managing healthcare data in a secure and compliant manner. The framework is based on 5 key principles: Safe people, safe projects, safe settings, safe data and safe outputs. By using this framework, healthcare organizations can ensure that their data is used in a responsible and ethical way, while also protecting patient privacy and security.


One of the main advantages of using the 5 Safes Framework is that it provides a clear and comprehensive approach to data governance. It covers all aspects of data management, from data access and sharing to data analysis and dissemination. This helps ensure that all stakeholders involved in a project understand their responsibilities and obligations when it comes to data management.


Another advantage is that the framework is flexible and can be applied to a wide range of data sharing scenarios, from research projects to clinical trials. It also provides a clear framework for assessing and managing risks, which helps organizations to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with data sharing.


Overall, the 5 Safes Governance Framework is a powerful tool for healthcare organizations looking to share their data in a responsible and compliant way, while also protecting patient privacy and security.

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