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“The most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil, it is data.”

– The Economist

Axiomedix enables the secure and private use of health data to enable precision medicine and healthcare innovation through the development of private, secure and governed two-sided marketplaces, the incentivization of health systems to provide access to high quality, high resolution data, and the implementation of 5-safes governance for all data use.

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Our Journey So Far


tranSMART Foundation IS FOUNDED

Keith and colleagues found the tranSMART Foundation, to enable open sharing of translational research data among pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.


Founded i2b2-tranSMART Foundation

Keith orchestrates the merger of the tranSMART and i2b2 Foundations, to form the i2b2-tranSMART Foundation - focused on the integration and sharing of clinical and translational research data.

Meet the Team

Axiomedix brings together experts from for-profit, non-profit, commercial data providers, health systems and entrepreneurial companies with a singular focus to incentivize the broad sharing of high resolution health data to advance the development of precision medicine. 


My interests areas are as a:

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