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Connect+ Services

Axiomedix's Connect+ is a data brokerage service that plays a crucial role in fostering collaborations between health systems and commercial data consumers, by facilitating joint data analysis projects. Our approach prioritizes both data privacy and security as well as governance through the 5 safes framework.


We work closely with health systems to bring in trusted commercial partners interested in accessing and leveraging health data for research purposes. Acting as a reliable intermediary, Axiomedix ensures that data privacy and security measures are in place throughout the collaboration. Additionally, we utilize the AWS Clean Rooms platform, providing a secure and controlled research environment. By incorporating the 5 safes framework, we guarantee that data is handled safely and responsibly, ensuring the protection of patient privacy and compliance with regulations.


Through Axiomedix's data brokerage service and the adoption of the 5 safes governance model, health systems and commercial data consumers can confidently engage in collaborative research projects, unlocking valuable insights while upholding the highest standards of data privacy and governance.

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